Gears of War 3 Sniper Tips and Tricks Ep01

The first in a series of Tips and Tricks for Gears of War 3. Promoting South African Xbox Live gaming to the max.

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gamingdroid2617d ago

That's a pretty awesome tips and tricks video. Looking forward to videos of the other weapons.

Bob5702617d ago

That guy is disgustingly good at aiming.

JeffGUNZ2617d ago

Yeah, he is able to get the perfect height everytime. Also, it's much harder in real games, since in these videos he knows WHAT his enemy is going to do since he is making the video. It's much harder when you have a real opponent moved in every direction to avoid your shot.

Bob5702617d ago

Really? I never thought about that.

You're so smart!

JeffGUNZ2616d ago

Well if you thought about it, you'd probably not state "that guy is disgustingly good at aiming." Anyone can do what he did when he knows exactly where the enemy will go since he is telling his friend to do so. My comment just stated that it's not very impressive. If he showed all real game footage and explained his thought process and tactics in real game scenario, it would be more beneficial.

Omar912617d ago

Wow that was great. Make some tips for the gnasher because I suck with it for some reason lol

Systematrix2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I could practice sniper for a year and still never be that good.