Starhawk Customization Details Revealed

Dualshock Nexus: A few new details involving customization in Starhawk have emerged.

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CharlesDCI2323d ago

Starhawk looks to be a lot of fun!!

Spenok2322d ago

Sure does, AND you get in the beta if you pick up Uncharted 3. WIN!

jukins2323d ago

cant wait for this game. Warhawk is still imo the best ps3 game. The only game I've never even thought of trading in or selling. well besides sports champions but i feel obligated only because i have move and no other games for it lol.

SLLCKGT2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I bought Warhawk already 4 years ago and still yesterday I was playing it. It will always be the best game, although new comers will never stand a chance. Sorry kids, no perks, no upgrades, just your skill and tactics.

GoldenPheasant2323d ago

This will replace my u3 multiplayer crack once it comes out.

detroitmademe2323d ago

This is good news.Character customization should b standard on all games. I wonder if you'll b able to customize more than just the paint scheme on the hawks

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