Barrel Roll Podcast #137 – “Now With Bears” writes, "A regular Barrel Roll podcast is no longer enough. But what could we possibly do to up the ante? Bears, and lots of them!

This week, Adam Anania is back again, with more tales of magic and wonder. It appears that his 3DS has become self-healing. Can world domination be far behind?

In our “Games Played Over the Course of the Week” segment, Jonah and Wes played through the Rochard demo and found a pleasant mix of 2D puzzles and gravity guns. Wes discovered that he isn’t into the “constantly punch you in the face” genre, and returned Dark Souls quickly after renting it. He did the same with X-Men: Destiny, but for reasons of suckitude, not difficulty. After his 3DS’s miraculous return, Adam grabbed Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Both he and Jesse seem to agree that it holds up well. Jesse finished a playthrough of Hitogata Happa after figuring out its unique mechanics, and continued his questing in Solatorobo."

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