The Darkness II: The Brotherhood Trailer

2KGames have released another trailer for The Darkness II titled ‘The Brotherhood’. Johnny Powell details the history of The Brotherhood, a secret society established to fight against the Darkness that now seeks to control it.

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RayRay362617d ago

That was actually an extremely well put together trailer. Even with a different dev, Im really excited for this shit

Ocelot5252617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

the graphics of the darkness 1 are better

Ocelot5252617d ago

have you played the first one?

imo everything has less polys

RayRay362617d ago

I played it when it first came out, then bought it like 2 months ago. Great graphics, but they're simply inferior. They took a different approach on the graphic style. More comic like.

n to the b2617d ago

I was disappointed to see in a different trailer that it's a new voice actor for anti-hero Jackie Estacado. but, since Mike Patton was at Comic-Con with Top Cow I guess the best part of the original is back!