Rusty Hearts Dungeon Crawl with Producer Mark Hill

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi and Mike Splechta play through some of the dungeon crawler, free to play MMORPG, Rusty Hearts. They are joined by producer Mark Hill, who discusses things about the game and gives tips.

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athmaus2385d ago

Game looks decent....thanks for vid!

DemonStration2385d ago

Glad to see there's some alternatives in the MMO space

TheSanchezDavid2385d ago

This looks like a lot of fun. It's so hard to find a good 3D beat 'em up these days.

zeal0us2385d ago

Played and like it but you don't get that many choices, classes are locked and theres not a true character creation in the game.

Well theres still the Torchlight MMO, Raiderz, and Blacklight. I wonder whats next for PWE.

NeverforgetNES2385d ago

Looks pretty interesting to me.