Why Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Will Bring Out the Collector in Me

With a lot of people upset about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures charging money to buy toys that unlock new characters, GameZone's Mike Splechta comes to the game's defense, stating that the fact that the toys are collectibles makes up for it, and lists some of the possibilities of what this could open up.

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WhiteLightning2625d ago


No the toys for it are the worst thing about it, making kids which it's now aimed at sadly pay more overall for a game.

It's a con and if you think that's alright and "collect" them then sorry but your an idiot for falling into Activisions trap.

Relientk772624d ago

This game is a disaster waiting to happen.

athmaus2625d ago

meh the game looks ok....

DemonStration2625d ago

Why is Spyro still a thing!?

TheSanchezDavid2625d ago

What really got my attention was Spyro's appearance. I kind of wish the devs would have gone with their original idea of making it a bloody game. Still kind of intrigued by this, though.

Quagmire2624d ago

Where's spyro. I definitely cant see him, can you?

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