25 Original Xbox Games You Must Own #20 - #16

GameZone continues its Top 25 Original Xbox Games You Must Own with #20-16, featuring games like Rainbow Six 3 and ESPN NFL 2K5.

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athmaus2620d ago

Loved SW Battlefront two...then someone stole my copy :(

DemonStration2620d ago

Sands of Time is a must-have. Rainbow Six was awesome...too bad you can't really play online anymore.

TheSanchezDavid2620d ago

I've said it before, but now I remember why I wasn't a fan of the original Xbox: lack of first-party exclusives. That's the same reason I don't own a 360. The only games that appeal to me on that console are Trials HD and Fez.

NeverforgetNES2620d ago

Can't wait for the rest of the titles, but I have many fond memories of Forza.