Dark Souls Co-Op FAQ

Co-Optimus: Welcome to the Co-Optimus Dark Souls Co-Op FAQ! The goal of this guide to answer all of your co-op questions. We will cover the co-op aspects of the game while briefly touching on some of the other online interactions. The guide is relatively spoiler free, but it will mention a handful of basic gameplay items. Dark Souls is a very deep, very complicated, and non-traditional game with multiple methods of player interaction

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dc12618d ago

I appreciate your frustration (I'm with you), but a patch won’t help. Now, it would be great if Namco/From Software migrates multiplayer components to a signal server for each platform. However, I fear that the framework may not support the migration as readily as we would like.. in addition it may be cost prohibitive (I have no insight into how it was built).
I will state that the original DS was great in this respect.

Nitrowolf22617d ago

They need this fixed. I might get disgrees and all.I know the game is suppose to be hard, but for me co-op has always been about with friends. I really don't like being put with random users, and even at that i can never join them again. At least with this type of co-op we have a reliable partner

JsonHenry2616d ago

At this point I would just be happy if I could get ANYONE to join my game or summon me to help them in their world..

MagicAccent2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I think they should add a new feature which atleast allows you to link up with one friend.

A "Soul Mate", if you will, so you could easily get the coop experience with someone of your choosing. Maybe add it for NG+ or something.

I get that Dark Souls is a single player game, with multiplayer elements, but wouldn't it be fun if it wasn't as limiting?
In demon's souls you could at least set up a meeting with a friend without to much hassle.

Nitrowolf22617d ago

The majority of people who bought this went into thinking Co-op would be like demon Souls. I see no reason why they changed the way it was to this rubbish. I like co-op, but really i don't like playing with random strangers. Was hoping I could pair up with 3 other friends for some major co-op play. I get the game is suppose to be hard and all, but what's the point of having co-op like this. I mean I can find a really cool DS partner, but in the end i will never be able to play with them again.

I bet that they add at least a way to connect to friends, cause as much as I love the game I really do want to party up with my buds.

ThanatosDMC2617d ago

Exactly, i thought it'd be as easy as Demon's Souls to connect with friends. I thought, it'd be just a matter of where i put my soul sign.

DragonKnight2617d ago

Anyone been invaded yet? I mean, I have spent a lot of time as a Hollow so I haven't yet, but even as a human I haven't yet been invaded.

Ramas2617d ago

i got invaded yesterday in most hard place so far (blight town) and i was even with another phantom, but when we were fighting tough enemies and had low hp bastard apeared from nowhere and killed us both.
But i used that book from bell tower and i hope he will be killed in hes own world :)

Spenok2617d ago

Yeah, i was in the depths... and while looking through the stratagy guide (i know, i know ><) he invaded me (AND started like 10 feet from me) he pops up and more or less destroyed me right away. He got a few hits in with a lightning embued weapon, and i got a heal or two in, and even managed to hit him a few times, got him about 3-4 hits from death, but my stamina ran out, and then he finished the job :/ Luckily i was right next to a bonfire, so getting my souls wasnt so bad, but i did loose my humanity that i had JUST used ><