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GameDynamo - "Dragon's Dogma is an upcoming third-person fantasy, open-world action-adventure game. Being the latest project from Capcom's Devil May Cry team, it looks like a Japanese take on the traditional Western RPG with elements of Monster Hunter thrown in for good measure. Capcom has been secretly working on this title for 3 years, and its unique features are the result of that time put into its systems."

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Nevers2623d ago

Sounds like a very cool game. Looks pretty nice too. Unfortunately, when I first heard about his game, I was misinformed that it would have MP. IF it had multiplayer, I would buy day1. Since more info has arisen regarding it and that it is a single-player game, my interest seriously waned.

I'd really like to see consoles get more rpg-fantasy genre games that have MP.

Thank you Dark Souls... though the MP is complicated and slightly difficult to count on ... at least it's a step in the direction I'd like to see happen.

rezzah2623d ago

I want to play this game!