Leaked Skyrim Manual Reveals New Brawl Feature and More

GameFront, "Someone got their hands on a Skyrim manual, photographed almost every page and posted it to the interwebs. This is clearly out of line, there’s no way we can condone this kind of… hey look, Brawling!"

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mjsmufc992621d ago

As Bruce almighty said it's good it's gooood

Dovahkiin2621d ago

Why the rumor meter? It's written in the manual.. That's all the confirmation I need.

nefertis2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Its always good too beat the living day lights out of someone to get info on videogames.

ArabianKnight012621d ago

"Hard to tell"...? um yea its in the manual, pretty official to me, plus it make sense. No weapons its a brawl, weapons come out it becomes combat with all associated crimes. A good fist fight never hurt anyone, not to bad any how! lol WHAT!?... you dont wanna talk? Then tell me this what did the five fingers say to the face? SMACK!