Valkyria Chronicles III Not Coming to US and Europe

The Valkyria Chronicles series was praised for being bold and fresh strategy RPGs that were both beautiful to look at and fun to play. Fans of the series will be disappointed to know that Sega is not planning to localize the third game, Valkyria Chronicles III: Unrecorded Chronicles, for North American and European markets.

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jc485732618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

[email protected]#$ activision! they ruined the US market.

Edit: It's really sad!!! Stop buying Call of Duty for god sakes! There are far better games out there.

maniacmayhem2618d ago

How did Activision ruin it?

Valkyria Chronicles was a great game but it wasn't successful enough for Sega to bring it back to the ps3, which is why it went to psp. I can only assume the sequel did terrible in the west which is why its only coming to psp in Japan.

Sega should at least make it a psn downloadable game.

tarbis2616d ago

What in the blue hell you talking about? It sold a mil already. The 2nd didn't even sold half of what the 1st did.
Sega made a terrible mistake by putting it on PSP.

tiffac0082616d ago

VC1 actually sold way better in the west (NA to be exact) than it did in Japan.

So it was confusing for a lot of fans to why the sequels where on the PSP than on the PS3 since the game never really took off in Japan.

Sega has been known to make bad decisions when it comes to their franchises, that subsequently led to the series demise like Sakura Taisen, Shenmue, Panzar Dragoon just to name a few.

maniacmayhem2616d ago

How long has VC1 been out and it has only reached 1 million? That is not profitable to Sega when you consider marketing and production cost.

it may have sold better in NA but it still didn't sell well enough for Sega to make a profit on it.

--Onilink--2618d ago

im sorry, but its really stupid to blame activision for this.... its not like they are the ones that buy the games, PEOPLE make the choice about what to buy

jc485732618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I think developers are underestimating the consumers. Developers believe we like shooters, so they constantly throw in these shooters right in front of our faces. This explains why we buy games blindly because we can't see!!! Activision is blinding/hypnotizing the consumers just like Hitler did in the past!!!

--Onilink--2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

well the problem is, we can also see people supporting in great ways products that are not FPS, like Dark Souls, Assasins Creed, Batman, Heavy Rain etc. Its not like people passed on the 1st Valkyria Chronicles because of COD, COD wasnt even that big of a deal when VC came out, and i dont think they were even released that close to each other and yet people didnt support it enough to warrant releasing the next games on PS3

Still, i do feel the PS3 market has changed a lot and a sequel would do much better these days, but its not the same for me to say i think it would, than for a developer that has to put millions of dollars on the line.

Anyway, if there is anyone to blame for this, its the early PS3 adopters who didnt bought this game when it came out and probably some very poor marketing from SEGA, simple as that. Activision has nothing to do with this

JAMurida2618d ago

It wasn't Activision, if anything it was the "mass". The people who line up every time to buy the next CoD or "next big shooter". Companies, gaming sites, everything out there will always do whatever it takes to appeal to those certain people. Notice how a site like Gametrailers will always cover their website in CoD/BF3/Gears3 banners, but you wouldn't see anything on something like a JRPG, one video if your lucky. I think in their releases of September video they didn't even have WKC 2 in there.

Oh well though, what can you do......

radphil2618d ago

"It wasn't Activision, if anything it was the "mass". The people who line up every time to buy the next CoD or "next big shooter"."

It's like saying you don't blame the drug user for people constantly going to them for drugs. :p

The blame falls on both sides.
Activision for over-saturation of the market, and the "masses" that keep getting it...

--Onilink--2618d ago

what has an oversaturated FPS market has to do with a Strategy game that was released 3 years ago? barely 1 month after COD 4 had launched, its not like in 2008 the market was saturated... and yet people didnt bought the game

Abriael2618d ago

There's still a bit of hope left. Sega's seriously doing a disservice to their fans here.

MaideninBlack2618d ago ShowReplies(1)
FredEffinChopin2618d ago

Let me know when they're making another one for PS3, then I'll give a shit about it coming to NA.

Baka-akaB2618d ago

precisely . You do a great game , we support it , and you decide to continue a sequel that doesnt look as appealing on psp ... i sure didnt follow them there and borrowed the umd instead to see it was was worth the move .

Still a great game , with some interesting changes , but not what i want .

Crystallis2618d ago

Correct. they release VC2 for the psp in north america then they wonder why is didnt sell so well. Release it on the ps3 then we can talk.

--Onilink--2618d ago

there is a reason why the 2nd and 3rd went to PSP, because VC1 sold like shit on NA....

JAMurida2618d ago

I would guess it's because they didn't have the money to support doing another PS3 version.

DragonKnight2618d ago

This is a huge problem with Japanese developers especially. They are notorious for disjointing stories by making games in a series on different platforms. Take a look at Kingdom Hearts for example.

KH1 - PS2
KH: Chain of Memories, which is a story bridge. - Handheld
KH2 which continues from where CoM left off - PS2
Then there's the 358/2 days or whatever on handhelds, Birth by Sleep on handhelds. No one knows if KH3 is going to be on consoles or where the story is going to pick up.

Same thing with VC. First game on PS3. A very refreshing RPG title when the PS3 desperately needed more RPG's. Was well received, especially for a non-FF SRPG or a non-Disgaea SRPG. A fanbase was made for it, people were hoping a part 2 would grace consoles in the future. But no, Sega decided they didn't want to spend the money on a console version, decided to go handheld cheap (in development price anyway) and disjointed the story of the series by placing the sequel on PSP.

When people get used to a game, especially the first of a series, appearing on consoles; they expect it will only get bigger and better ON CONSOLES. Not smaller on handhelds. Japanese devs are notoriously bad for this. Look at Crapcom and Monster Hunter.

A lot of companies don't understand that sometimes you have to put yourself out there, take a risk. That's why From Software is loving this gen. Demons' Souls had no faith put into it by Sony, but the risk of releasing it was taken, people LOVED it, and now we have Dark Souls which is an awesome game. From Software, a relatively small development company, struck gold with their risk and are laughing.

Sega, a development pretty much as old as video games, are deciding to not take the risk and blame the userbase. It's not our fault no one bought VC2. You put it on PSP when we were expecting it on consoles. The Japanese audience may be obsessed with mobile gaming, but the rest of the world has a more balanced approach to it. We want to see games completely fleshed out in visual quality as well as content. And I'm sorry, but consoles and PC will always be able to have bigger and better games than a handheld. So don't blame us for expecting big things and being given a handheld title and told "buy this or we won't bring the next game to you." And funny enough, the 3rd game is also on handhelds. It's like Sega doesn't want money.

Kishin2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I Need to mention one thing: Dreamcast

Sega's known for horrible bad marketing decisions and this is why DC died to the PS2...

CDbiggen2618d ago


The Dreamcast didn't fail. We failed the Dreamcast.

In all seriousness though. This sucks.

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