Take On Helicopters - Brand New Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Bohemia Interactive has just released some brand new screenshots for their upcoming heli sim game, Take On Helicopters. Take On Helicopters will be using Bohemia’s in-house engine and looks spectacular. Take On Helicopters will be released on October 27th exclusively on the PC."

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ATi_Elite2539d ago

I'm really excited about take on helicopters cause it's a Full blown Helli Sim. I'm gonna get me a nice stick and pedal set-up and really enjoy learning to pilot a Chopper!

john22539d ago

Yeap, looks really awesome. Definitely a game for a niche market but that's why we love Bohemia, right? :D

earbus2539d ago

Looks nice ive been playing DCS:BLACKSHARK very hardcore some guys have full cockpits on youtube ,i got it for ten bux made by the same guys who just done AC10 WARTHOG.

Jdub895O2539d ago

havent seen them since operation flashpoint 1

john22539d ago

You should check the ArmA series then, as it's the spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint 1 ;)

Jdub895O2539d ago

arma is made by bohemia? If so i wish i had a pc that could run it.

Orpheus2539d ago

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, Metro Last Light , Arma 3 , TOH ..... they are gonna break our computers !!!

ElVeneno2539d ago

They don't make stalker or metro...just arma and toh.

ATi_Elite2538d ago

Let them try to break my PC.........I'm so ready to have my eyes Jizz themselves!

Great list I'm buying every single one of those titles!