Pachter's Podium: Wii U "Not Quite 'Next' Generation", Xbox Live TV "Only The Tip Of The Iceberg"

Each month brings new industry issues to analyze, and Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter takes them on. This time Pachter's Podium covers the Sony-Microsoft kerfuffle, the Wii U's challenges, how 2K Sports is dealing with the NBA situation, Xbox Live TV and Amazon's new tablet.

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EcoSos32618d ago

Dont waste your time reading this go read something else.

MoXxXi2618d ago

Why would you say that? Patcher seems to have a pretty valid point...

blacktiger2617d ago

no he doesn't. Sometimes it's prettty pridictable itself otherwise no!

Activision and Micorosoft is one of patcher's advises to, buy stocks! If you didn't know that too!!!!

P.S I could be wrong about MS but for sure ACTIVISION.

--Onilink--2617d ago

the next Playstation and Xbox will launch withing the next 20 years.... there, thats another valid point, i should call myself an industry analist

This shouldnt even be called an analysis of any kind, its just Pachter saying obvious things again

SilentNegotiator2617d ago

Pachter milked his "Wii HD" prediction to the day that the WiiU was announced. Let him say what he wants, but at least know the score before you listen to this not-so-accurate "analyst"

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

Love Pachter's take on the industry. Also love how he gets a 'certain' crowd so emtional for no reason.

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dark-hollow2618d ago

I love how a lot of people assumes a lot things about the WII U even though we know NOTHING about the console besides it bigass controller.

Heck. people even said its already weaker than the next xbox and the ps4 even though these consoles are not revealed yet and we don't know the wii u specs

Venjense2617d ago

I'd bet you a Wii U that it will be less powerful than PS4 and XboxNxtBox.

Laxman2162617d ago

You get bubbles not calling it the Xbox 720!

And yeah, I think the Wii U wont be nearly as powerful as the next generation from Sony/Microsoft, but power was never Nintendo's strong front. Their games dont need the processing power to be great, they thrive of creativity, innovation and design. Not saying other companies dont, its just Nintendo have made a habit of showing and raising the bar of what can be done with limited power.

stragomccloud2617d ago

Actually this current generation was the first time that Nintendo was the heavy hitter in the graphics department... so who knows. Although honestly... I bet it will be like the same difference between Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS3 exclusives look amazing... but most games will still look about the same.

bergoo2617d ago

probably, but how much of a difference will be visible? I am positive that the gap between wii and the ps360 will no be nearly as big with the WiiU and ps4/nextbox.

TBONEJF2617d ago

Patcher is nothing but a low down dumb ass analyst.

earbus2617d ago

How long before wii u is released im keen to get one.

Shadowaste2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

the wii u should do native 1080p in all games, thats 2,073,600 pixels actually rendered

the current consoles do a max of 720p in 99% of retail releases and the average at best would be 680p as there are so many sub hd games on ps3/360. I'd say the average pixel push of ps3/360 is 720,000.

So in resolution alone the wii U will deliver more than DOUBLE the graphics of ps3/360 in the same games/

The Wii U will not even be close to a mid-range pc, but it will certainly STOMP the 360 and ps3!

Venjense2617d ago

Wii U should just offer 60 FPS at 720p and increase graphical details.

I rather a game with more elaborate effects, lighting and textures than a sharper one that's less detailed - besides, 720p still looks great unless you're 3 feet away from the screen.

SilentNegotiator2617d ago

They never even said WiiU games would be native 1080p; they said "support 1080p"; I can pretty much guarantee you that means it won't have a lot of native 1080p games.

PS3/360 also "support" 1080p.

--Onilink--2617d ago


well most devs that have spoken about the wii u so far seem pretty confident that the Wii U games will be native 1080p, pretty much all of them have said the games definitely run at higher res.

Then again, just jumping to 1080p(while pretty good) is not enough, so im hoping they add more ram and stuff like that

SilentNegotiator2617d ago

"well most devs that have spoken about the wii u so far seem pretty confident that the Wii U games will be native 1080p"

Link please. A couple of links. And no "insider source" articles.

lionelglitchy2617d ago

720 or 1080p at 60 fps will be fine for the next ten years it's A.I thatneeds to be sorted out,to many games have npc's just walking around in circles or doing stupid rolls to cover or shit like that'or stupid spawn points in games and once you reach that point the enemy just stop untill you reach a new point and it makes it to predictable especially if you like to play your game at all the difficulty setting.if the wii u hardware is capable of improving that it will be a next gen leap imo

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