GameZone: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Review

GameZone's Lance Liebl reviews Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a re-envisioning of Dead Rising 2. Off the Record stars the first game's main character. While it is fun an humorous, it feels like a missed opportunity to take Frank West and make something new for him.

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DemonStration2618d ago

If I missed out on DR2, is Off the Record better to play instead?

athmaus2618d ago

Intesting review...but not a fan of the series

TheSanchezDavid2618d ago

Interested in checking this out. But would you suggest I go with the original version of the game instead?

NeverforgetNES2618d ago

I still haven't gotten into Dead Rising. I'm not sure this convinces me either.

VitoGesualdi2618d ago

Damn, I thought a remake would at least earn above the original.