Does Mass Effect 3 really need multiplayer?

CVG - Debate: Will BioWare blow us away or suffer from divided focus?

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dirigiblebill2625d ago

Nope, but multiplayer's nice all the same.

dark-hollow2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

no. it takes space and (or) time and effort which all could be focused on the single player.

NOT every game should have multiplayer goddamitt!!!
I've bet the mp on mass effect 3 will be played for a little while and then turns into ghost city after one month of launch.

I know sp games succeeded in having a fun MP like uncharted 2 but the odds that this may suck is very big.

TheOtherTheoG2624d ago

The Co-op mode is being developed by the partner studio Bioware Montreal, rather than Edmonton who work on the main SP, therefore there isn't really any possible way that the MP can negatively affect the SP, the SP would be identical whether the MP were there or not, so that argument is completely flawed.

BattleAxe2624d ago

The Mass Effect universe is built for co-op IMO. Besides, when you do the single player missions, you have three team mates with you already, so whats the difference?


People tought Uncharted did not need multiplayer but look at how that turned out which was amazing. Multiplayer is always a nice part of any game. I wont be suprised if God of war 4(We all know they will be part 4 because big games just dont end even when devs says 3 will be the last)..Any way i wont be suprised if God of war 4 has multiplayer.

TBM2624d ago

i dont care about the multiplayer, i only care about the story and how it ends.

Bigpappy2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Well I will wait until it has been released to pass my judgement.

What I would say at this point, is that Co-op was added to try and increase sales. If sales increase in a major way, then from Bioware and EA's perspective, it was needed. As a gamer and fan of the series, if it feels like content is missing to accommodate

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guitar_nerd_232625d ago

Co-op could be cool, other than that not sure.

Tieing up the story is all need for my £35 though anything else is a bonus.

-Mezzo-2625d ago

No it doesn't need Multiplayer, but then again almost 40% of the games on the market do not need Multiplayer but haven it anyway.

Anyway it's a + which is a good thing.

outwar60102624d ago

its co op so yh it's a nice touch

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