Will Nightwing feature in Batman: Arkham City's campaign?

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omi25p2620d ago

I hope so. He is one of my favorite DC characters.


I like Nightwing too, but wasn't Robin supposed to appear on this Batman?

I'm not following this closely (avoiding spoilers) but if Robin is there, Nightwing will only appear towards the ending or it will not be the 1st Robin. Anyway, Robin is lame, Nightwing is where it's at!

omi25p2620d ago

There was a point in the comic's where you had robin and nightwing


I know, it's just not the first Robin. The first Robin is the one who becomes Nightwing.

At least I think it's the case for the main story line, but with so many alternate realities, story resetting and what not... I can't say I'm sure anymore. LOL

LtSkittles2620d ago

I didn't know Arkham City was on the PSP, the 3DS, or confirmed for the Vita.