EuroGamer - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

EuroGamer - It's Call of Duty in the air. That's the sell. That's what the designers were told to shoot for by their spreadsheet-watching producers. That's what New York Times bestselling military author, Jim DeFelice, was asked to target when lining up the characters and arc of the story. That's the bull's-eye marketing quotation the PR men are hoping the critics will pen: a triple-A quip, ripe for sticking on the poster. And, if Namco Bandai's focus groups were illustrative of a wider consumer desire, that's what the gamers want.

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krazykombatant2620d ago

So sad that soo many games are being influenced by that piece of shit COD... I know its fun to play, but I hate it when other producers change their style to try and get the attention of the COD kids..

shayol33t2620d ago

Makes me sad, more than mad :(

shayol33t2620d ago

Ughhh... I love ace combat, played every one since the first.

This line in the review sums up my opinion on the matter "It's Call of Duty in the air. That's the sell." WTF?! CoD=/=Ac. Wheres my Demons of Razgriz? Flying Air Fortresses? UNDERGROUND SUPERBASE TUNNEL LEVELS?!

Maybe im living in the 'golden' past, but the out of this world stuff (plus their fictional world) made this game a far greater experience for me, and now its rooted in modern world...just to get some cod fans *sigh*.