Why The Deathmatch Kings Left Deathmatch out of Rage

Kotaku - They invented the term, so why isn't deathmatch available in Rage?

The notion of players fighting against each other in a first-person shooter is so tied to the genre that it's surprising when it isn't included as a feature. More surprising though, is the idea that the people who may have coined the the term deathmatch would decide to not include it in their first major new shooter in decades.

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animalia852621d ago

ID could do a really solid deathmatch for DLC.

pumpactionpimp2621d ago

I agree. With an age where everyone is looking to make money after they release a game, I find it very plausible.

pandehz2621d ago

The racing is fun and Co-op is nicely done with intense firefight moments but a solid deathmatch mode or two modes would totally boost the overall mp component.

Maybe a mode with vehicle combat, meteors, and other generic modes all in one?

Coz the rage environment does suit a conquest/deathmatch/wide open vehicle combat.

Heartnet2620d ago

Ive been playing rage for a while and is there even enough guns in the game to implement a fully operational decent deathmatch mode?

k3x2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

From what I've seen so far, some of the weapons wouldn't exactly fit in a deathmatch environment. Crossbows, sniper rifles and the like work best in games for preteens and fairies, like COD or BF. Then again, they did have some kind of sniper rifle in UT and the stake gun in PK was kind of like a crossbow. Random spread, reload and ironsights would have to be dealt with, though, as they have no place in a true DM game. On a brighter note, strafe jumping works fine.