Rage: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: I doesn't really hit me until about half way through the game. I've been spending so much time worrying over the trick of staying alive that I haven't notice just how insignificant I am.

It's not until I'm sent on another armed errand, off to save a general from a federal prison, that I realize that I'm risking my virtual life not to be the hero, but to save the hero.

It's a subtle mindfuck. One that I think some people might not pick up on initially. Who would blame them? Rage is a distracting video game.

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Suicide_King2619d ago

I don't understand these high reviews for Rage. Did I play a different game? I found it overly linear (I know it's ID, but everyone else does more), boring, repetitive, it had clumsy gun mechanics (head shots do same damage as shooting someone in the foot), and pretty much a wannabe Borderlands. So why the 9? Yeah it's polished but it's half the game people have been comparing it to. Not worth $50/60. And definitely not worth a 9...maybe a 6...if you're 12.

sickbird2619d ago

Im having a hard time getting into the game, its far from polished (atleast on ps3) and i agree with all your other points.

digitaleraser2619d ago

Thing is, it was announced *before* Borderlands, so you can't really call it a wannabe Borderlands.

Biggest2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Announcements have nothing to do with it. Duke Nukem was announced before the internet was invented. Do you seriously think that no changes were made between then and when it was released? Rage was announced. Many other games were actually released. Rage is now the "copycat" game.

Edit: Also. . . Rage will never be as good as Borderlands. That Diablo factor puts Borderlands head and shoulders above other similar games.

Pintheshadows2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

See this is why humans are strange we like different things. I just finished Rage and after 16 hours I really enjoyed it. An 8 or 9 for me. Definately worth the £40 I spent. I don't get why some people hate it so much.

Also Borderlands is an rpg, Rage is a shooter. Pure and simple. The comparison is unfair on both games. One thing Rage does well is create a sense of place. And i'm not talking visuals. I'm talking characters.

Tapioca Cold2618d ago

Yeah, I feel the same way. I bought this game because 90% of the gaming community was all over Carmack's nuts about how he was the god of gaming and there was nothing he couldn't do wrong. RAGE sucks. i bought it for PS3 and it takes the textures a few seconds to load on every turn of the head. How many times do you turn your head in the game? Every second. So essentially you are only seeing the game in half resolution at any given time. Not to mention it's boring and unenjoyable. I'm not sure where everyone is getting these high review scores from.

Goes to show you that money talks and bullshit walks. Gametrailers and Kotaku prove themselves unreliable to the gaming community.

RAGE is horrible. Save your money.

This is why physical medai will never go away. Because I like to trade in trash so other people can buy it 2nd hand and enjoy it for the price it is supposed to be.

Pintheshadows2618d ago

You need to get some perspective. Go and play Turning Point and come back to me and tell me why Rage is "trash". I'm curious to hear what you thought made it so bad. I played on the PS3 as well and had stopped noticing the texture streaming after about an hour.

If the actual game was broken I might agree but having to wait a second or so for textures to load shows how spoilt we as a community have become. If people had done the same and trashed games due to technical issues decades ago we would have no industry.

Again, Mountain out of Molehill.

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svoulis2619d ago

My biggest issue with the game was the fact that it had RPG elements in the game, and quest similar to an RPG yet wasn't an RPG. For most quest the game was dragged it was like.. " go to the mayor or Wellsprings and get him to trust you", He gives you a quest, you do the quest. Now he trust you so he sends you to the town sheriff, now the sheriff gives you the supplies for the initial quest, but you cant get them until you get a better vehicle...anyone else see what they were doing with this?

MasterD9192618d ago

It's well worth a play-through if you love id games or old-school FPS games. It just simply disappointed a lot of people that thought this would be more like Fallout & Borderlands.

I thought the beginning was lackluster and ending was kind of lame...The racing I could do without and found the CO-OP to be far better. It seems quite condensed and far too linear though IMO.