IGN - Five Reasons Batman: Arkham City Will Kick Ass

IGN - Why the Dark Knight's latest adventure is set to burn brigh

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Yi-Long2619d ago

... yet I'm on the verge of cancelling my pre-order for the CE because of all the DLC-milking that's already been announced.

I think I'd probably be better off with buying a bunch of other games from the bargain bin (AC Brotherhood AND Deus Ex 2 AND ICO/SoTC AND some XBLA/PSN games), instead of wasting a small fortune on the CE and then having to spend even more money on all the DLC.

I think I'll wait for a GOTY-edition or at least a severe price-drop.

omi25p2619d ago

I was getting the CE for £37.99 But decided to cancell that and get the Robin edition for £16 just because of all the cut content. I wish i had done the same with Gears 3.

cyborg69712619d ago

Don't say such things at cause they'll beat you for such words. Oh wait I think you already did. And I agree with you.

Yi-Long2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

... but so far, the response has been OK. Luckily. :)

Not that I would have cared much if they had attacked me over it, cause I can handle that, but I'm glad the discussion hasn't really gone down that route... (yet?)

Some will agree with me. Some won't. That's never a problem.


This article is pointless. We alerday know the game is AAA qualiity. Best superhero game ever,I liked the spider man games on PS2 but this is the best.

cpayne932619d ago

People who don't keep in touch with most gaming news might not know much about it. Someone might just hear about it, get interested, and google it to see if it's any good.

UltimateIdiot9112619d ago

Me too, I really really want to buy it Day 1 but I couldn't justify with all the DLC milking. I just can't put my money down on something like that even if it is Batman.

Bruce Wayne would be disappointed at this kind of business model.

I am going to wait for the GOTY edition for a more complete experience especially since in the next 4 weeks, I'm going to be get 4 different games.

Pintheshadows2619d ago

Deus Ex 2 should be really cheap. It's been out for years.

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Brownghost2619d ago

Being a huge comic fan and big fan of the franchise, it's the top of my list.

Rampaged Death2619d ago

I can't wait for this. It's an open world kick ass super hero game and it's long too.

lance422619d ago

I wanted to hate this article because I saw it was from IGN...but it's so well-written and I agree with most of it. I think Nolan's Gotham is awesome though, just because it is supposed to be a more realistic Gotham, not the one from the earlier Batman films.

LarVanian2619d ago

Nolan's Gotham in Batman Begins was the perfect Gotham in my opinion. It had the big, dark, dirty, gritty and corrupt look and feel needed for Gotham City.
I'm not sure why he did it, but for The Dark Knight, Nolan turned Gotham into a big clean utopia that looked almost identical to Chicago. It pretty much lost most of it's identity from Begins.
That said, I'm looking forward to seeing how Nolan will portray Gotham during winter in TDKR.

Biggest2619d ago

To be fair, Batman was kinda kicking ass in between movies. Furthermore. . . Chicago is hardly a clean utopia.

LarVanian2619d ago

Well I didn't directly say that Chicago was a clean utopia. In certain shots, such as the aerial views, Gotham looked quite a lot like Chicago, and in other shots the city looked near spotless.

Pintheshadows2619d ago

A lot of Gotham in the Dark Knight was just Chicago. They hadn't even attempted to disguise it.

On another note I hope they have a mode that, whenever you hit someone words like Sock, Kapow and Bash appear the screen.

Series_IIa2619d ago

Bought a second GTX 580 the other day and got a Steam code for this sucker with it!

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