Why Quake Changed Games Forever

1UP - Quake may be the most influential game of all time. Not the best game, not the most innovative, but the most influential. Without it, the industry would be a very different place today. It gave rise to many of aspects of modern gaming that we take for granted. Its developers, modders, and even the very code of the game itself are ubiquitous in the industry today.

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Relientk772620d ago

Quake 2 is one the best shooter games on PC, of all time.

neogeo2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Carmac made the engine. It even uses a primitive form of ray tracing, WAY ahead of its time. Then we got doom3 and every COD game running on it even to this very day. take ID's new engine for r=Rage is only getting started, wait into Doom4 and a ton of other games tweak it.

Baka-akaB2619d ago

doom 3 used its own id tech 4 engine

NarooN2619d ago

Yeah Doom 3 was on id tech 4. CoD is on id tech 3.

I played a lot of insta-gib rail rounds on Quake 3 yesterday, game is still beyond amazing after all these years.

I think RAGE was more of a testing grounds, just wait until other games are made on it. Doom 4 and Quake V among others...

Zephol2619d ago

Quake 1! The best shooter all time!

neogeo2619d ago

So the Doom3 engine is even better then the cod one?