Is Blizzard Getting it wrong with the Diablo 3 Beta test?

With the Diablo 3 Beta now having been live for around a month, are Blizzard taking the right approach with the testing process? Diablo fans are starting to become apathetic towards the test and the game.

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suicidalblues2623d ago

And yet another whining article. People, welcome to N4G!

Mikeyy2623d ago

Thats because there is nothing Positive to write about the current Diablo 3 beta. It's 2 hours of content, and already gone stagnant.

Blizzard doesnt wan't feedback on bugs or anything, theres nothing to do but log in, and minimise the game, to help "stress test" the servers.

Thats it. it's just radically different from any other beta blizzard has ever had. Many of which I have been fortunate enough to be in.