Fan-made Skyrim Map in Ultra HD

There's no denying that the map of Skyrim—low resolution though it may be—conjures epic imagery in my mind, especially when I think about how close the game is to release. It's only a month now until we'll all be too busy playing Skyrim to catch up on anything else.

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jriquelme_paraguay2443d ago

Cant wait to play this....

i just wanna lose my time exploring!!!!!!


BF3 and this for me....

Avernus2443d ago

That's pretty cool though. Well made.

Can't wait to play this...pre ordered months ago!

C'mon 11.11.11

kcuthbertson2443d ago

I just really wish that Skyrim had dwarves...

I'm short and just have a connection with them lol. Oh well mods will probably help me with that one.

jakeruskin2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

It has Dwarven ruins though!
Btw Elder Scrolls dwarves aren't actually short, they were just supposed to be friends with a race of giants or something like that.

kcuthbertson2443d ago

Lol true, but Dwarven ruins just make me want to play as a Dwarf EVEN more...

And thanks for the info on the height of Elder Scrolls dwarves...I didn't know that.

MasterD9192443d ago

Are the border locations going to be DLC?

Direzap2443d ago

I wouldn't rule it out but who knows.

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