Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review (CapsuleComputers)

Matthew Vella writes: It’s been almost 2 decades since Ace Combat made it’s debut, combining realistic flight simulation with adrenaline-charged arcade action, and while the series has evolved with every title never before has the franchise reached the heights as it’s latest instalment Assault Horizon. With over 30 real-world vehicles, locations and a story written by best-selling author Jim Defelice, Ace Combat has never seemed more believable, and new additions to gameplay focusing on Close-Ranged Assault makes the action more furious than ever before. Ace Combat now no longer feels like a game engineered for a niche audience, but now as a more approachable, believable, engaging and more action-packed experience for any hardcore gamer. While Assault Horizon isn’t perfect, it’s filled with charm and easily the most entertaining addition to the series so far.

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