Rape, Racism & Repetition: This is Probably the Worst Game Ever Made

When you think about it, commercial video games are usually pretty harmless. Sure, they can be violent, but there's rarely any larger controversy surrounding a game involving things like drugs, politics, or sex.

Which only makes 1982's Custer's Revenge all the more interesting. And appalling. WARNING: Some slightly NSFW content follows.

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KingSlayer2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Someone didn't play Crackdown 2... that is probably the worst game ever made.

Winkle922561d ago

I really liked Crackdown 2 actually. The only thing that made it kinda suck is that it was exactly like the first one with only very minor improvements.

Custer's Revenge seems like the modern day equivalent of Rapelay. Not really appropriate in any setting. I'd say both games hit all the wrong notes.

KwietStorm2561d ago

lol I remember this filth. Why is it even being brought up.

2561d ago
ShaunCameron2560d ago

And viola! There's your reason why console-manufacturers don't want any AO-rated content on their consoles.