Why Gaming’s Most Famous Transgender Character Remains a Controversial Topic

Quick history lesson for those who don't know: there's a character in Final Fight who in Japan was a sexy lady. A sexy lady you had to punch in the face. Her name was Poison.

Fearing this may not go down well overseas, in the West she was turned into a he. It was the same sexy character model, appearing entirely female, but had suddenly been labelled by the developer as a male. Making her one of video gaming's first, and to this day most notorious, transgender characters.

Poison remains a topic of debate not because he/she is transgender, but because apparently Capcom has never officially made the character's gender a matter of canon.

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SuicidalTendencies2618d ago

Never understood this debate. It's already a proven fact that Poison was changed into a he only because of dumb localization worries. Therefor Poison is a she.

Pozzle2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

She ended up being changed in both regions though. Every game after FF1 had her as either a post-op woman (in Japan) or a man who tucked his junk (in the West).

With that being said, I didn't even realize this WAS still a controversial topic tbh. Kotaku is the only place I've seen this constantly brought up, and even then most of the commenters don't really care. Poison's gender isn't really important to her character anyway since it is never referenced in the games, so that's probably why Capcom never bothered to confirm it. They just don't see it as important to her characterization. She's just there to kick other peoples' asses and that's that.

JohnnyMann4202617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Poison is both a She and a Transgender..

Why do I say so? Because Ono just said it in an interview. Capcom does not want choose a side so they choose both sides.

It's up to the fans of Poison.. kinda weird but yeah..

Baka-akaB2617d ago

Dont care she was a woman then , still is for me now , and wont fap to either version either way .

Tanir2617d ago

lol Baka. I know what you would to though! Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt hentai!!!!!! lmao jk

TheComedian2617d ago

You know it makes you wonder.They thought that beating someone (in a fighting game mind you) would be controversial because said someone is a woman.But they NEVER really thought that making the character a transgender would be even more controversial?SERIOUSLY did the average IQ of humanity dropped while I was leaving under my rock?

ThatArtGuy2617d ago

I just love the fact that in Double Dragon, which came out 2 years earlier, had you hitting whip carrying ladies. No one said anything about that game, but Capcom was worried about this one all of a sudden?!?

cr33ping_death2617d ago

you guys remember renegade on the nes??? anyway you got to beat up on women in that game too..... i miss that game uhh not for being able to beat up women :)

dredgewalker2617d ago

Don't worry we're all still cavemen deep inside....we just use better equipment today :)

MariaHelFutura2617d ago

Ahhhh, the origins of "the club".

snowman21492617d ago

saw transgender and hot thumbnail and I clicked.

Quagmire2617d ago

What about Leo from Tekken 6?

people still dont if he/she is a ....he or a she.