Microsoft dashboard public beta incoming?

STN Writes:

It seems that the Xbox LIVE Public Preview for the new dashboard will soon be going live as Microsoft has posted up a link on its website; the website.

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r1sh122619d ago

i hope its open to the public...
I was not able to get into the last beta.
At least if they do it as a public beta they can quickly identify which consoles cant accept the update and remove them from the circulation of consoles.

Wikkid6662619d ago

If you read the article... it clearly says public.

The last beta was public was also. Just because it's public doesn't mean unlimited.

r1sh122619d ago

it was closed acceptance first..
It became open the people who didnt get in during the first round...
Also I tried to register for this, I think its currently for the USA dashboard..
If anyone else gets in (outside of US) let me know.

Wikkid6662619d ago

You can't register yet... because they aren't accepting at this point. The registration process will probably begin shortly. I'm sure it will not be open to all regions. Pay close attention to Major Nelson's site.

SNEEKZ0NER2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I was in the last beta hopefully I can get into this one as well.

AngelicIceDiamond2619d ago

It should go up real soon I didn't get the last dash update I'm hoping I can get into to this one.