Batman: Arkham City Joins GOW3 As The "Most Impressive Visual Achievement On The 360" Not only did GamesMaster give Batman: Arkham City an amazing score they also praised the game for its technical achievements.

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AmaZinG2619d ago

altough i think Forza 4 looks better than Gears 3 and RaGe.

StanLee2619d ago

It's the same engine using the same improvements made by Epic games to UE3 and with more diverse environments in Batman Arkham City, it definitely looks impressive.

NukaCola2619d ago

Rocksteady is one of the few developers out there that can best Epic using their own engine. Really impressive and the game looks incredible. I am getting this game.

gillri2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I have a good PC but I love the way developers squeeze every last bit of juice from consoles

games on the same hardware can look close to half a generation ahead, this wqas always a day ohne purchase for me

a deep immersive SP experience

Fishy Fingers2619d ago

Picked up the original for £3.50 (thanks Steam) and was blown away, really enjoyed it and of course fantastic looking. Getting this one free with a GPU purchase and cant wait, graphically it's going to be up there with the best of them as well as in story and gameplay.

BushLitter2619d ago

GOTY of the year for sure.

HarryKawk2619d ago

Beats GOW3*. And that's "Gears of War 3", for non-believers.

Captain Qwark 92619d ago

add dark souls to that list, some of the environments are truly stunning

fluffydelusions2619d ago

The art style in DS definitely but man the frame rate at times is just horrible. Blighttown specifically comes to mind. I hate that area with a passion.

Captain Qwark 92619d ago

yeah thats true i have had a few chugs myself but when i hit anor londo the graphics just blew me away

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The story is too old to be commented.