DICE: Battlefield 'offers so much more than Call of Duty'

Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu believes his series has the edge on Call of Duty, although he admits he's just pleased the title's being compared to the current FPS genre king.

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Tachyon_Nova2625d ago

Why wouldn't it be compared? They are really very similar games.

Also, don't see how BF3 offers more than MW3. They both have a huge MP, Co-Op and a Campaign. It comes down to personal preference surely...

Septic2625d ago

COD has 'huge MP'? What is huge about it? COD is just a more refined, arcade based MP shooter whereas BF3 offers a much deeper, more team-based experience.

Whilst some of the run and gun gameplay elements are similar, the addition of big maps, vehicles and the way roles of the various classes that compliment each other makes BF3 a different beast.

It really does offer a lot more than Call of Duty. Call of Duty just offers gunplay + killstreaks. Objectives revolve around the gunplay.

da_2pacalypse2625d ago

Agreed, you can't be "offering a lot", if your last game had the exact features.

ofx3602625d ago

I think both MP games are so different that its really hard to say one offers more.

Out of gameplay features (Youtube, in-Depth Stat tracking, Clans, Groups, Clan/Group challenges, etc), Cod definitely offers more; but when it comes to gameplay vs gameplay, i guess i really can't say.

Though, there are more co-op modes in Cod, and it also looks (though, i'm not sure) a lot more in-depth. The BF3 co-op just looks kinda lazily thrown together, where as the MW3 co-op has horde modes and a various other co-op mission that require the two players to assist each other in different ways.

For SP, that's still up in the air.

TheDareDevil2625d ago

By huge MP he means the variety of options, game modes and playlists and NOT the map size

StanLee2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

What sets Call of Duty apart from all other fps, multiplayer offerings is its depth. The anti-Call of Duty elitist can bemoan my comment all they want but it's fact. Call of Duty truly gives players, the tools to play the game the way they want to play. The total number of primary weapons, attachments, secondaries, perks, pro perks, killstreaks; you find the combination that works for your play style. Then factor in the number of gametypes and maps available at launch and you have a huge multiplayer offering with something for everyone. I am an avid Call of Duty player but I only play Domination. I have gamers on my friends list who only play Free-for-all, TDM or Search and Destroy. Call of Duty is diverse, deep and a large multiplayer space, which is why the communities for each game has been so sustainable. You have as many players at peak(10K) still playing Call of Duty 4 and World at War as you have playing Bad Company 2, that should tell you something. I really want someone to highlight for me how Battlefield 3 differs greatly from Bad Company 2 because I'm not seeing the huge difference in how the two play.

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Captain Qwark 92625d ago

i <3 BF, i dont like COD.....

but for the record i completely agree,they def play a little diff but both are military FPS in the end with similar options in terms of replay value.

StanSmith2625d ago

Personally, i don't think either of them offer anything to this extremely overused genre.

hotskys2625d ago

It's overused because it's popular. You don't see rockband or forza making 1 billion in sales.

Of course it's gonna be the most done genre.

chriski3332625d ago

Yea cod MP is not big at all run and gun battlefield 3 u get tanks jets jeeps atvs helicopters and way more then cod

pctrollv42625d ago

baahahah.....huge mp? as in run and knife? small maps, no challenge, barely any recoil, spamming of special attacks? no strategy? srure....

0neShot2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

i agree with the knife thing, coz in COD you can knife and kill in every direction while in BF3 you must be behind the poor dude and he must not be moving.

Xenial2625d ago

Which game is of higher quality and offers more content?

Septic2625d ago

What are you on about Stan? There is very little depth in COD and I know, because I played MW2 to death. What you alluded to is simply a variety of game modes and weapons plus a few killstreaks and perks.

I don't deny the fact that, when COD4 and even MW2 were out, comparatively, they did offer a lot of depth. But Battlefield 3 really does trounce COD when it comes to freedom. In BF3, you REALLY do play what you want.

Its not just gunplay in BF3. If you played Caspian Border you'd realise that there are so many games bundled in one in BF3. You get into a jet and it feels like Ace Combat. You get into a tank and you're playing something else! You, get into choppers or AA batteries- these are all experiences within themselves.

OR you could just indulge in firefights. There were moments in Caspian Border where I was involved in firefights in the Hilltop and Forest conquest points- mate- it felt as if the whole fight revolved around these two points. It was amazing. You had the gorgeous river and it was an all out siege- people laying down suppressive fire, picking off snipers- people distributing ammo and medics reviving people..

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF- there were jets and choppers flying overhead doing their own thing, tanks battling it out and people fighting around us....and there were 5 different points to fight! These were just two we were fighting in! Battlefield is such an apt name for this game.

I like COD's pace but its just gunplay and its become more and more gimmicky- kids doing 360 no-scopes etc- that isn't a deep experience.

I'm sorry but BF3 is a whole new ball game and it offers 3x more than COD in my opinion.

FunkMcnasty2625d ago


For me, it wasn't infinity ward, treyarch, or Activision that ruined my CoD online experience... it was the CoD community that killed it.

Sure, I get the argument that IW, Treyarch, Activision have made minimal gameplay and layout changes to CoD over thet years... yea that's a bit of a bummer too, but I enjoyed the fast arcadey style of gunplay and the depth of the unlocks and perks.

But then it seemed that once CoD became a pop-culture phenomenon--somehwere between WaW and MW2--that it's online community became more than just a group of gamers.. they became watered down by cheaters, hackers, boosters, immature little kids, and apparently a lot of neo-nazis.

Sorry CoD fans. I'm not complaining that the gaming industry ruined Call of Duty.. YOU ruined it.

Corax2625d ago

I'm not saying this because I'm a BF fan I'm saying this because I've seen and played both COD and BF to know BF is the better experience. It really does come down to preference and if it is preference why do people pick COD over BF? Is it because COD is more easy to play? There is so much action in BF compared to COD it's understandable why people choose COD over BF.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

As a longtime battlefield fan I have to say Cod has more features in terms of gamemodes.

The game has dozens of Multilpayer game modes, Survivial mode, Spec Ops, Single Player

BF only has 3-4 game modes which are Rush Conquest TDM And Squad Rush, Co-Op, And Singleplayer

Both good games though, if you pick one up don't forget the other later on :)

FragMnTagM2625d ago

3-4 game modes, yet you named six, lol.

hotskys2625d ago

he was obviously talking 3-4 multiplayer game modes. derp.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2625d ago

i was speaking of multiplayer modes

DA_SHREDDER2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I think both games are undeserving of the hype they are getting. I'm getting neither. If I'm gonna spend money it's gonna be on Saints Row, Mario 3-D, or something, I got enough shooters than to be worried about these incomplete and overpriced games. I'm even thinking about going back to Killzone 3, I would have by now if they had freakin add a hardcore mode. I beat Resistance single player and it was awesome, so the multiplayer entices now, Uncharted needs a hardcore mode for me to be interested (no perks mode doesn't cut it for me).

pctrollv42625d ago

WELL SAID MY FRIEND...WELL SAID...THIS NEEDS TO BE PROMOTED...except for the killzone part. Its all bout that saints row the third, skyrim, and that new zelda for wii.

StanSmith2625d ago

Well Said. Neither deserve the hype & i'm not buying either. I'm getting Assassin's creed Mario Kart, Mario 3D land and Saints Row 3rd. Those four games will grab my attention more than these half assed military shooters sold on hype alone.

The above games alone will be at least 20 hours long in single player. None of this 6 hour crap.

Dacapn2625d ago

Yeah KZ3 multiplayer is broken. The bad way outweigh the good.

yesmynameissumo2625d ago

After playing the BF3 beta and reading the constant EA "look at me! look at me!" rhetoric...yeah, I'm still getting MW3.

majiebeast2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Bf3 needs a lot of work in my opinion.

1.Engineer used to have the weakest weapon now they can use every weapon availble, plus have a stinger leaving this class with no cons for maps like Caspian. Where atleast 80% of the people are engineers now.

2.Lonewolf scoreboard promotes being a tard and not helping your team take a flag.

3.Jets and heli's suck ass.

4. Vehicle unlocks just a way to keep people playing so its easier to shove dlc down the throat, why you think prestige exists.

5. Its bfbc3 not bf3 gtfo with your health regen and vehicle regen.

Laxman2162625d ago

Yeah whats the deal with vehicle regen? I didnt play on PC so I never used any vehicles in the beta, but do they really regen themselves? I think thats a terrible idea personally.

C_Menz2625d ago

The regen isn't that helpful. It only kicks in after like 45-60 seconds and only if your vehicle doesn't have a key part damaged( like engine on fire). So the only time it will regen is if you only take a small bit of damage and escape.

emartini2625d ago

The Kill death ratio should be left out but they are trying to take a chunk from the COD market and thats all COD players care about . They dont give a rats butt about using team work .

Cosmit2619d ago

Really? You mean to tell me that you have watched every single one of the 20+million people while they play CoD? And study their tactics? Really? Your serious right? Nah you can't be serious. Are you?

Please. Just stop.

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