Xbox 360 Firmware Update Now Live

A new firmware update for the Xbox 360 console is now live, and will be available to download via the Xbox LIVE online network throughout today. UK gamers are already reporting the delivery of the update, though it may take some time for the latest patch to propagate across the network globally.

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tickticktick2443d ago

Know what's worse than announcing you downloaded an update?

Disagreeing simply because it's an Xbox update.

Winter47th2442d ago

You're lying for not disagreeing with him *headexplode*

Wikkid6662443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I guess people don't think you really downloaded it. Gotta love N4G

outwar60102443d ago

lol yh n4g is crazy and paranoid i just downloaded it too its nothing major

SITH2442d ago

The local retard population is in overtime over a simple xbox update. They are going to freak when all this hits:

earbus2442d ago

Sith you act like being retarded is a bad thing they have a right to life and respect i work with these kinds disabilities and they are warm beautiful people with more soul than most humans.Just a very childish word that people use shows a under devoloped frontal lobe, update done and dusted.

Kurt Russell2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I think he was using it in a more recent colloquial sense, rather than people with actual disabilities. So stand down the PC brigade for us yeah?