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Brilliant! A stroke of genius! A true haiku: this box is the perfect opportunity to (re)discover two unique beads that have marked the players by their touching and penetrating stories. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus have an ability to destabilize anyone thirsting for authenticity, the filling of an immeasurable sweetness to the upset thanks to exceptional features. The simple and enjoyable gameplay amplify the phenomenon, carrying the player in a universe of epicness and dream. A masterpiece! Erected by the talented Fumito Ueda who took an undue risk materializing his ideas. A total success that will bring shortly after one called The Last Guardian, a bargain then get to see this box now, to plunge into a bath of softness.

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MadMax2618d ago

The HD versions are a must buy! I had original SOTC and ICO, the upscaled versions are a nice touch. Picked it up from Best Buy last week for only $25. They are still on sale too, so i suggest picking this one up before they go back to $40.

I was gonna pick up Tomb Raider Trilogy, but heard that Legend didnt receive the same HD treatment it did when it was released for the 360 awhile back. Why on earth would they do this? Anyone know anything about this?

rezzah2618d ago

Because it is a HD game already, it came out this gen not the last gen. Why should there be any reason to improve anything?

Also since it came out this gen the trilogy is like a added bonus for those who never played the last in the series (the one released this gen). Meaning you get 3 games for a cheaper price, plus they all have Trophies now.

MadMax2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

So youre saying that Legend in TR Trilogy is the same as the 360 version? 360 version looks good, i was told that Legend and Anniversary are PS2 HD ports, kinda like SOTC.

If youve ever played Legend TR on the 360, it looks almost as good as Underworld. Its completely done in HD, with better textures and graphics. TR Anniversary for the 360 on the other hand, looks more like an enhanced PS2 version with slightly better textures.

I guess what im really asking here is, do the PS3 versions look like the 360 HD versions or more like an enhanced PS2 version? Like GOW HD remastered.

GamersRulz2618d ago

This collection is by far the best game I bought this year.
I'm excited to hear feedback from first time buyers of this masterpiece.

Stephen55432618d ago

I'm somewhat reluctant to say this...because I know people will destroy me for saying so...but I bought Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD and did not like either of them. I have never once played the games prior to the purchase on my PS3, but I bought it because everyone else raves about it (and it got amazing review scores like this one). I didn't enjoy either of them. I don't like Ico at all. I did like SotC more then Ico, but I didn't find it to be an amazing (or even great) game. These games are definitely great looking, and I probably would have enjoyed them more if I played them 10 years ago...but by today's standards I wouldn't say this collection deserves a 9-10. If someone has absolutely no nostalgia for these games they are closer to a 7-8 score. I am really disappointed with my purchase, and next time I'm definitely not basing a purchase on a bunch of hype from nostalgic gamers. I know it's just my opinion, and virtually no one will agree with me (especially on this site)....but I thought I would share my experience with you since you wanted to hear feedback from a first time buyer.

GamersRulz2618d ago

ICO/SOTC had this legendary status in the industry due to the artistic design, originality and the amazing soundtrack.
I completely respect your opinion, It's to be expected that it won't cater everybody. thanks for the feedback

MWH2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

imho, the games did earn the prestigious stature among those who appreciate their given, but to each his own in the end.

@GamersRulz very well said

MadMax2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Yea, SOTC is really art. I guess you have to appreciate this type of original game to understand. The gaming industry is just frikin swamped with shooter games right now. There is not much originality anymore. Alot of games feel the same, all borrowing from one another.

All based on graphics and stale shooter gameplay. Dont get me wrong, ive played quite alot of those games. I am even playing RAGE and Dead Island at the moment. I buy and play ALOT of games.

SOTC is really an incredible game, Ico was pretty good too. Doesnt hold up as nice as Shadow, but still a trippy game. Play all kinds of games and perhaps give SOTC more of a chance.

Ive played this game quite a few times, and for some reason never get tired of it. I think its the gameplay and the feel i get from playing it. I get more burnt out on most of todays games. I still buy them, but am finding that games these days just dont have that special something that alot of older games had.

You can have all the graphics you want, but without originality and great gameplay you really have nothing.

Kurisu2617d ago


I feel the same way! I bought it on the hype that the games recieved. I have been playing ICO for a couple of hours and its the most boring game I have ever played in my life. I dont even feel like I want to to back to it to continue. I moved on to Shadow of the Colossus but I didnt get the chance to kill the first colossi, so I will try again today. It does seem like its going to be more interesting than ICO though. As of this moment though...The Last Guardian has gone off my radar :(

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MadMax2617d ago

There is no hype here, just incredible visual art and superb gameplay. Im pretty picky when it comes to games and SOTC along with The Warriors is amongst my top favorite PS2 games of all time. They need to remaster the first Manhunt and The Warriors and sell them both on a HD double pack!