Battlefield 3 - New Epic Jet Footage accompanied by Jochen Miller's Lost Connection

DSOGaming writes: "So you thought our previous jet footage was great? Well, get ready for more epicness. YouTube user aTastyCookie uploaded a new footage that showcases Battlefield 3′s epic dogfights and yeah, this is even better and greater than the previous dogfight footage. Trust us, you really need to see this one. Kudos also to the one playing who is listening to some proper trance music at the first half – or to be more precise, Jochen Miller’s Lost Connection."

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Crazyglues2619d ago

Yeah it's amazing to me how a game that is not even about flying can do flying better then a game that is completely about flying... BF3... ftw - Amazing Job

It just really looks cool and well done... wow -and I'm a huge flying fan, hell I just bought Ace Combat.


princejb1342619d ago

i was just about to post the same thing
but dam this guy is really good with the jet

jriquelme_paraguay2619d ago

i hope they unlock something like "Air Superiority" like BF1943 sometime....

6 vs. 6 planes....

PhantomT14122619d ago

With one BF3 game you get Ace Combat, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Apache: Air Assault, Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2, Bad Company and Mirror's Edge experiences, but better.

Battlefield 3. What else?

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M1chl2619d ago

Trance music, am I hearing? : ) My favourite music on N4G, wouldn't think that is possible. Sorry for unrelated comment : )

Jdub895O2619d ago

so whats up with omgwtfbbq?

Kyosuke_Sanada2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I'm guessing she/he meant how beautiful the charred remains of each plane shot down.

sweettooth2618d ago

Watch the whole video and u will know what i mean

hadriker2619d ago

WTB Air Superiority. I will even pay money for it in DLC if I have too. It was the best part of BF1943

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