Console Domination: Gears of War 3 Review

Console Domination writes: With all the hype that has surrounded the release of Gears of War 3, it is safe to say there would been a lot of people very sceptical about the game. Averaging very high scores from most media outlets Gears of War 3 developed by Epic Games and Published by Microsoft Game Studio's would have to be the biggest release for the XBOX 360 this year. The question is does it live up to the hype and deliver? Let's find out.

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The Meerkat2625d ago

Story a 10?

Here is the edited version.

Marcus: "we've got to find my dad"
Adam Fenix: "here I am"
Marcus: "dad, push that button"
Adam Fenix "ok"


JellyJelly2625d ago

Yeah. I love the game but I actually skipped some of the cutscenes cause the storytelling is extremely weak.

I'd give the story a 6, the rest of the game makes it a solid 9 or 10 though. Amazing game overall.

GameOn2625d ago

Lets be honest the story telling in shooters is always pretty basic and in that respect its not that bad in Gears 3.

LightofDarkness2625d ago

Any story can be boiled down to utterly simplistic elements in that manner. You know full well there was more to it than that, but hey, what are fanboys for?

Number_132625d ago

You see kids, some exclusives are worth waiting for. It's good to have quantity, really it is, but there's just nothing like having that AAA quality experience, isn't that right Forza 4?

NewZealander2625d ago

i thought the cut scenes were awesome, it may not be be story telling, but its better then most other games, even coles glory days cut scene was great, it gave some real insight to coles personality.

as for not liking the australian/kiwi voice actors... Claudia Black is pure awesome, i loved her in UC2, im not sure who the kiwi voice was, im guessing Bernadette Mataki, don't know who the actor is though.

GameOn2625d ago

Dizzy is the only voice I dont like.