The beta and Battlefield 3

Arthur Gies writes:

"Last week, I spent some six hours with a not-quite-final-but-close version of Battlefield 3. I think EA and DICE would like for me to talk about the single player but really, I don't have anything more to say about it than I did a few weeks ago. I can't talk about most of the multiplayer maps I played with any specificity, other than the Grand Bazaar level, which, hallelujah, had a tank in it. But at this point, I feel confident in making the following statement:

Releasing a beta for Battlefield 3 might be the biggest mistake EA has made with its biggest game this year."

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Chnswdchldrn2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Moral of the story: so many idiots nowadays see betas synonymous with demos that they think because the beta played poorly, so too will the final product.

All the kiddies are used to preordering a game and getting early access to the demo--er, I mean beta. Its a bullshit excuse of an incentive to preorder a game, and what BF3 did was a true beta test

barney142472d ago

spot on man, if people actually think that a developer as big as DICE would put out that as their final product, then you honestly dont understand the gameing community

ive been goin through withdraws since the beta ended, i have no clue what to do with my time!!

Soldierone2472d ago

The only mistake I think DICE made was not improving anything at all during the beta and only having one "server test" weekend.

Now we are all left to wonder if it will be fixed in the final version. And if it is, will the "fixes" break something else? Who knows.

I agree entirely on your comment as well. I put blame on the developers that give it "exclusive" to a console like its a prize to be had. Its not, its a test, its to make your game better! At that point just call it a dang demo.

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Shojin12472d ago

I didnt like the beta. Hopefully the game has co-op through the whole campaign. Not saying Im not going to try out the MM but the beta didnt impress me too much.

venom062472d ago

GREAT TO SEE THE RETAIL VERSION WILL BE EPIC, compared to the beta.... as most of us knew it would... BF3 FTW!!

mrsatan2472d ago

I have so many issues with the statements by Joystiq.

"There are major gameplay balance differences between the two. Weapons feel different, with different fire rates and recoil. And the damage model has been radically shifted. Death comes quickly in the beta, situated more towards Call of Duty's durability, or even last year's DICE-developed Medal of Honor multiplayer. Firefights in the beta prioritize reflexes over tactics, which is a departure from Bad Company 2."

I'll give you that the weapons aren't balanced, but most FPS games don't have perfect weapon balance on release. This happens to be one of the things betas are for.

Secondly saying that because you die quicker it has less tactics is bullshit. If anything, you need to be more cautious and use advanced tactics to stay alive. In reality, one shot can kill you and BF has always strayed towards reality. If you want to be a bullet sponge, go play arcadey FPS games.

Stop comparing BF3 to Bad Company 2. They are not the same game and they aren't supposed to be that similar. Dice has said over and over that BF3 is a return to the old Battlefield, rather than the arcadey nature of Bad Company 2. I love Bad Company as much as the next man, but people need to realize these two games aren't related.