WGTC: Dark Souls Review

A review of Dark Souls, which discusses its overly-difficult nature. Lots of information and a bit of comedy to be found within plus, of course, opinion.

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TheHip142536d ago

Classic games were so much more difficult than modern stuff. Now, hard mode is usually quite easy, equating to normal in a game from over a decade ago or longer.

Tanir2536d ago

yeah, i strictly play most games on hard now because it feels more like normal. especially an easy game like dead space 1 and 2, easy survival horror ruins the point of the game, and still hard is too easy

garos822536d ago

ive only played this game since last night, and i personally dont see how this could get anything other than top marks.
ive lost sooo many times and im still striving to beat it without a guide or hints.
this as well as demons souls are my favorite games this gen. trully a masterpiece

Pherus12536d ago

i beat demon's souls almost entirely alone. Felt real confident going onto Dark Souls. This game is just thrashing me. Tougher. It's pissing me off. I love it. These games should be placed in a time capsule!

Tanir2536d ago

in this game u almost NEED to summon phantoms. the bosses otherwise are ridiculous. trying to fight the goat thing with 2 swords in that tiny room is retarded haha

Kyosuke_Sanada2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Good old Capra Demon, I have to admit he has the best theme of the bosses so far. I thought it was Shunsuke Kida doing the OST again but they got a new composer. Motoi Sakuraba is the one at the helm and so far his tracks are really powerful as the bosses themselves.

Ramas2536d ago

i soloed it, after second try. i play bandit, mostly str and stamina/vitality stats, no magic at all.

SockeyBoy2536d ago

This is my first Souls game (no ps3) and i freaking love this game, the look, the gameplay, the patience. Fantastic!

MasterCornholio2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Me and my friend are getting this for the PS3 because there will be more people online due to PSN being free. They did a great job with both versions though. But shame about the occasional framerate crash.


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