Terraria 1.1 - Preview Video and New Details

DSOGaming writes: "Okay Terraria fans, we know that you've been waiting for some new details about the highly anticipated new 1.1 version of this 2D-Minecraft-clone. So, here is today a preview video that showcases the corrupt underground that will be in the 1.1 update. Additionally, you can find some new details that were emerged from this new footage inside the article."

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WhiteLightning2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

You see Notch.....THAT'S how you do a massive update

Not giving us a feature only to wait untill the update after to put the full thing in.

Theres still a ton more stuff coming to Terraria, it's all on the developers forum page.

Kostchtchie2445d ago

best 5 quid i ever spent, great little game

TopDudeMan2445d ago

omg is that fairy a new thing? Looks just like the fairies from zelda, awesome. I'm gonna go back to this game in a few months and play it again after they add even more stuff. It'll be a totally different game.

callcollectplz2445d ago

Do I need to create a new world after I update to get deep corruption? The only version I ever played was 1.06.1.