GT5 Spec 2.0 Intro Revealed; Is One Of The Best Opening Videos Ever

GB : Check out the intro video of GT5 Spec II. The video is 5 minute long and features completely new footage of the DLC and also shows some spectacular visuals from the game. The intro is up on GTTV as well, and is a 590MB download.

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waltyftm2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Really nice movie, always love tearing around the track in my Chrome Golf Gti, just as the sun starts to set, your lights come on and every corner feels like it could be your last, Gt5 you rock.

guitarded772536d ago

EPIC... there are few games I find myself still playing almost a year after launch and GT5 is one of them. Can't wait for the DLC.

NiKK_4192536d ago

Now THIS is a GT opening.

The Real Peter Moore2536d ago

You dont need to download it, it played for me when i put it on this morning and i know i didnt download shit

The Real Peter Moore2536d ago

why am i being disagreed with? its the truth! what somebody doesnt like the truth?

The Meerkat2537d ago

The part where the BMWs lights came on!

Very classy.

Septic2537d ago

That did look amazing but why no HIDS?! If they were HIDS and had that flutter as the lights come on....aaaah....would look ammazing.

Glad to see PD so devoted to the game. Looks brilliant.

ambientFLIER2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

OR if they turned on blue and then changed to white, like real HID...

LegendarySins2536d ago

Notice they have the Topgear testrack tyres camera and also shows cars racing up the Topgear airstrip, I reckon this could be a hint at some topgear DLC hopefully with the resonably priced cars.

Hozi2536d ago

Awesome Intro Indeed.

KRUSSIDULL2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

GT5 looks really nice, I only own an Xbox 360 and I'm very happy with it. But dang GT5 looks awesome. I especially like that there is weather and different time settings and such, something I wish forza had. I have only played GT5 Prologue on my fathers PS3 and didnt like it but GT5 with spec 2.0... Wow.

Edit: aw shit I sound like stealth troll, whatever. :)

Animal Mutha 762536d ago

You do a bit but I agree ,I do also wish Forza had the weather and night effects but I understand T10's reason for leaving them out which they clearly detailed in their under the hood blog and was to do with hardware performance and need to maintain 60fps and the high detail tracks. Not as much CPU power you see.

OT I will update my GT5 and see how it stacks up to my LCE 4za when I get it on Friday.

It's ok to like both you know.

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The story is too old to be commented.