Konami and Giant working on new Contra game?

It seems Chinese company Giant want to bring the Contra games back to life. Some rumors say the company is currently working with Konami to resurrect Contra's license.

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Godmars2902258d ago

Please keep it as a 2D sidescroller if true.

Venox20082258d ago

oh my god, did the author woke up yesterday? New teaser for Contra was in 2011 E3..

Pozzle2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Yeah, a vague teaser trailer that said "it is coming". There was nothing at E3 about the possibility of Giant working on it or that Konami have picked a Chinese company to work with.

Inception2258d ago

for what platform?

btw, the last contra i played is Neo-Contra
it's fun but i still think Shattered Soldier are better than Neo
and i need to play Uprising
some people said it's good...

Venox20082258d ago

shattered was better than neo.. new contra most likely will be on 3DS, there were rumors before.. (didn't still try Hard corps: uprising, but maybe I will one day) :)

Inception2258d ago

thx for the info mate :)

yeah, i like Shattered Soldier more than Neo
and one of the reason is Ashley Wood great artwork in Shattered

btw if it's for 3DS than look's like i will skip it (don't have a 3DS right now)

Quagmire2258d ago

Third person action shooter with voice acting from Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling an OTT 80's action story with jungles and explosions and cheesy one-liners.

A man can dream...

beast242tru2258d ago

i want a new contra please lets do it

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