JX Online 3 attracts 12,000 players in first-day beta

As one of the most expected mmos in Korea, it's not surprising for JX Online3 to get a delightful result like this. In the very beginning of the beta test, Ming Pin OL attracted 12,000 swordsman lovers to the "Jianghu" (Chinese ancient world of swordsman).

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zeal0us2540d ago

If its just another generic mmorpg keep that **** in Korea, we already got enough generic mmorpgs already out.

ATi_Elite2539d ago

It's sorta like WOW, that point n click MMORPG style. It's no way like Vindictus, Dragon's Nest, or Guild Wars 2 where you do your own combat in real time!

The graphics seem good but it's not my style of MMO. Great Music though, can't read Korean so i have no clue what the story is about. average animation I guess to run on many systems but the graphics are good....Not The witcher 2 or BF3 good but good.

I prefer the Action MMO's like Firefall, Tera, Planetside2 and the ones i mentioned already but it seems Korea is all in a frenzy over this game.

2539d ago