Are you worried about Mass Effect 3 having co-op?

Short Opinion Piece - "Mass Effect 3 is getting multiplayer co-op and a lot of people was in uproar about it. Very little information was released to the public about the inclusion of co-op, so maybe us gamers need to take a chill pill before we jump to conclusions? I leave that thought for yourselves."

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Septic2542d ago

I don't get it. Its an extra feature- why are people worried? Is it because they feel that Bioware will let the story suffer by having this addition or is it because it 'detaches' them from the single player experience and shatters the cacoon that THEY are the real Shephard and none other can exist?!

Either way, we should have faith in Bioware- they created the world afterall and the series has gone from strength to strength (although a few may argue otherwise).

Virus2012542d ago

It's just that some people will always find something to complain about. They don't like change to when they see a new feature or something different they automatically assume that it's bad and say that the game should stay how it is. Then when is the game comes out without any new features they complain and say that it's the same game.

Tony P2542d ago

"It's just that some people will always find something to complain about."

That is pretty lazy thinking to believe people just complain for the sake of it.

You can't please everyone. What someone likes, another will not.

But maybe you should try to understand why instead lest someone sweep your concerns under a blanket of apathy too.

Ezio20482542d ago

i trust bioware!

Spinal2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Yuo trust Bioware? You obviously didnt play Dragon Age 2 after the great game that Dragon Age Origins was.

I'm very skeptical of Bioware nowadays. Especially when Mass Effect 2 was a far-cry from Mass Effect 1.

This need to 'dumb' down their games really needs to stop. =/

newn4gguy2542d ago

Both Dragon Age games were terrible...

Virus2012542d ago

I enjoyed Dragon Age 2 more than 1. My opinion.

Anon19742542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I'm playing DA2 right now, and I trust Bioware. DA2 is a good game. Not a great game. Not the game DAO was, but a good game in it's own right.

In this business you evolve or die. Bioware made a decision to try to make their games more accessible and we can see from Mass Effect to ME2, it was a huge success. From DAO to DA2, not so much, but if they kept putting out the same game all the time you'd probably be right there criticizing them for that fact.

DA2 is a fine game. It's biggest fault is it isn't DAO. If DA2 had released and there was no DAO, no one would have batted an eye. It's a solid RPG, and most professional reviewers completely back this up.

It's just the "kewl" think currently to hate Bioware, just like everyone used to hate on EA despite buying million of their games, just like everyone hated on Activision. Just like everyone was hating Take Two and GTA. Just like bands, once you become popular it's not uncommon to see a backlash for no reason.

Spinal2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

It's not about hating. It's about the fact that they did Dumb down their games and even you have admitted that.

More 'accessible' doesn't mean you should strip the game of the depth it had. See Gears 3 compared to Gears 2 and 1. Then compare Assasins Creed 2 to 1. These devs are working hard to expand and make their games Bigger and better. Not just 'more accessible'

I currently play World of Warcraft many hate on WoW cause its popular. I certainly am not one of those retards that hate something simply cause its popular.

DigitalAnalog2542d ago

Like Uncharted, I'm pretty sure the co-op is more of a side-story to the main quest and not exactly 100% experience a-la Gears of War. Likewise, it's a welcome addition as it's very akin to shooters a-bit with RPG elements.

OllieBoy2542d ago

Not worried. Just wondering why it's there.

I played through ME and ME2 and never once did I think it needed any kind of online mode. But oh well, it's there now.

gravemaker2542d ago

bioware already killed mass effect, so i cant care less about another nail in its coffin

Spinal2542d ago

and Dragon Age. next they will kill KoToR with SWTOR.

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