Plus XP: Eurogamer 2011: Skyrim, a brief encounter

That Bloke In The Beanie from Plus XP gets a hands on preview with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at The Eurogamer Expo 2011

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Dovahkiin2534d ago

Great read, i really hope arrows do a more realistic amount of damage this time, 31 days to go.

Jacks_Medulla2534d ago

Based on all of the interviews/ previews I have seen, arrows will be much more powerful. However, to counteract this increase in power, the player will find fewer arrows.

Dovahkiin2534d ago

Yeah I've read about the change, they fire more slowly also. Just in the article he mentioned stealth attacking a bandit with a bow and it not being fatal, but I'm sure that'll be fixed.

I also hope that finding the arrows you've used on the fallen enemy's bodies is more reliable.

invisiblezero2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I hope arrows can't be looted off a corpse (the ones you used to kill) seeing that in the demo where Todd Howard is playing, he one-shots an enemy...twice.