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Casey White wrote: "Forza 4 is less of a game, and more of an experience. It encompasses every racing fantasy that you've ever had, and presents it to you with both gorgeous graphics, visceral sound bites and the raw 'feel' that all proper racing games need to have. Forza does a bit better than pull it all off, it nails it, making it the best of all worlds in the racing genre, and my personal new favourite sim."

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GMWPS32420d ago

"It encompasses every racing fantasy that you've ever had..."

Day and Night driving, weather??? Reviewer credibility is really going down the drain.

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bennyace2420d ago

Seems that night driving, weather, 80% imported cars from previous GT titles were not enough to prevent it from getting the lowest score of all GT titles in the series...

So please don't try to convince me it's the best racing game ever just because weather effect were in it. In project gotham 4 there was snow... does that make it a better game? No!

Keep a narrow mind like that and you'll be missing a lot of good games!

KingSlayer2420d ago

No, it makes total sense. A driving sim without weather or night, but includes car bowling HAS to be the best. It's soooo realistic! Shame COD or BF won't up their realism ante by omitting guns that fire. Or grenades that explode. Sad panda :(

Objective2420d ago

Seems like night driving and weather are the new must haves for a driving game! Lol!! They keep thinking up new ways to resist the truth that Forza 4 is a vastly better game than GT5, even without driving in the night and driving in the supposed rain... Hey what about driving in the wind, fog and snow and to your grandma's?

SixShotCop2420d ago

Bennyace. You pissed off KingSlayer. lol!

KingSlayer. Dude. Wtf? Why so mad son? Don't worry dude. Nobody is going to go to your house and steal your favorite unfinished game in GT5. It's all yours bro!

Us real racing fans will pick up the best finished game on the market while you enjoy being parked on the side of the road admiring the rain fall on your windshield.

Weather or finished cars? TOUGH DECISION

Daz2420d ago

Turn 10 didnt want half arsed weather and a game that drops below 60 fps.

Objective2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Yep they said if they couldn't simulate weather conditions and how they would affect driving physics realistically, they wouldn't do it. Why add a feature that is gimmicky and pointless?

But apparently, some people would "celebrate seeing the early morning eerie blue light of dawn breaking through the trees before the full midday sunshine"... Brings a tear to my eye... Now can we just get on with driving some fine looking cars on some fine looking tracks already?

humbleopinion2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


It's funny - finding you in Every Forza topic recently talking about GT5 photo mode, day and night driving and whatnot? It's not like good reviews for this game are going to kill the other game, right? Right!?

Anyway, day and night + whether where never a big fantasy of racing fans: this isn't a rally game and it's not like people get a kick out of driving in the rain around professional racing tracks anyway.
That's why people didn't jump overboard when PGR4 introduced them a couple of years ago as if it was the second coming of Christ. Only insecure fanboys are grasping at straws like this trying to downplay one franchise where it's so easy to go down this road with any other game.
Bottom line, guaranteeing top quality on every implemented feature is far more important than having a huge checklist of stuff people don't really care about delivered at a mediocre level. That top quality is where Forza 4 delivers, and you'll have to deal with it.

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iistuii2420d ago

People go on about night driving and weather, but let's be honest now only a few tracks on GT5 had weather & or night driving, so doesn't it rain or get dark in the other tracks then ? So that's unrealistic too then if you want to go down that path. Now if EVERY track had changeable weather & night & day driving then you could gloat, but it hasn't. Cmon, I've got GT5 and hate driving in the rain and hate night driving especially the rally where you can't see a bloody thing. I'm happy it's dry & daylight as that's how you get the quickest times and smoother driving experience.

GMWPS32420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

We are all gamers here and we should be challenging the developers to push the envelope. Granted GT5 has it's fair share of issues but so does Forza and I own Forza 2 and 3. I'm a car fanatic and as far as racing games go, I really, really love driving on the Nurburgring in GT5, with the change of weather and Day/Night Cycle activated. It is something that has to experienced to be believed. Seeing the early morning eerie blue light of dawn breaking through the trees before the full midday sunshine is one of those moments in gaming where you know we have reached another level.

To say that you want it on all tracks or none is being a bit shortsighted don't you think? We should celebrate the fact, even if we had it on only one track.

omi25p2420d ago

Forza 4: The Definitive Driving Simulator.

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tickticktick2420d ago

Why are pro Forza comments being removed for trolling in "Forza" news while GT comments are free to post? Seriously there are more GT comments than Forza comments and this is Forza news. I'm sorry GT5 failed but this is about Forza 4.

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