Spider-Man's Latest Mary Jane, Laura Vandervoort, Talks About Edge of Time

Kirsten Dunst left rather large shoes to fill when it came to the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson in "Spider-Man."

Not so for Activision's new video game featuring the great webbed one. Actress Laura Vandervoort took on the voiceover gig as M.J. for the game, which also features the voices of Val Kilmer and Katee Sackoff, and approached it rather differently than Dunst, she told NextMovie during San Diego Comic-Con.

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Titanz2328d ago

As for the "Kirsten Dunst left rather large shoes to fill" comment, I'd replaced "shoes" with a word that rhymes it (starts with the letter, "B").

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swishersweets200312327d ago

i hope the new spiderman fails.