Has Skyrim leaked one month before release?

Product-Reviews writes: We’re not going to jump the gun and say the game has been leaked exactly one month before release, but we doubt that attendees at the Russian event were handed official Skyrim manuals along with their maps. Someone seemingly has a copy of the game and it may not be long until he or she decides to upload some footage.

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tr00p3r2473d ago

Ok, so the map turned out to be an official handout..but now the manual? Something fishy is going on here.

Vettur2473d ago

your right. how would they get the manual? maybe they had some contacts from bethesda

zeal0us2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Please leak the back of the game case next. We the fans really been dying to see it.*Sarcasm*

The game have yet to went gold(officially), so I highly doubt the game has/have been leak. I know some games have been leaked before getting gold status.

danswayuk2473d ago

How do ppl get their hands on games so early?

Iroquois_Pliskin2473d ago

they usualy steal them from the printing factory, where they sort of burn the Blu-Ray\DVD

Canary2473d ago

Does no one know what it "leaking" is any more?

For Christ's sake, if a game has been leaked, there'll be a torrent. It's not something you have to ponder, nor is it something that leaves behind much in the way of physical evidence.

Whore_Mouth2473d ago

Exactly. Sometimes people have no control over their fantasies, and start deeming them as reality.

wallis2473d ago

Exactly! If skyrim had been leaked it would have been on every god damn torrent, scene, P2P website and piracy blog between here and the moon. The internet is nothing short of manifesting a literal erection at an unknown location in reality over the awesome that is this game. I highly doubt if it leaked it would be a matter of rumour or speculation.

Putting it simply, if skyrim had been leaked. I'd be playing it right now. And if I was playing skyrim right now, I wouldn't be eating, let alone posting a comment.

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