Gaming-Age - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon marks a pretty big change in the way the long running flight combat series presents itself. Gone are the fake countries and ridiculously super-powered aircraft that drop down surprising the good guys in the middle of a battle. This time out the series has opted to ground itself in a somewhat realistic setting, taking place in locations like Washington D.C., Miami, and Paris. The result is a game that feels a tad more akin to some of the more grounded war shooters in other genres, and people that want to call this the Call of Duty version of Ace Combat aren't too far off the mark from a style perspective.

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MultiConsoleGamer2472d ago

This game looks amazing. Definitely going to pick it up.

r1sh122472d ago

i was hoping my pre order would make it early..
But it doesnt look like it will,
I thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo and the multiplayer looks quite interesting..
Cant wait to get this

Lionalliance2472d ago

Well, this is a surprise hit :)