Reality Check: Silent Hill: Downpour's Delay Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to it

Konami revealed today that they're pushing Silent Hill: Downpour back to the first quarter of 2012. Until now, Downpour was scheduled to hit store shelves in just two short weeks, on October 25th. If it had come out on schedule, Downpour would have been released against Battlefield 3 and Dance Central 2. The game could've been the best, scariest game ever and many players still would've passed on it...

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jc485732475d ago

i might pass it even in 2012. No longer interested in this franchise. i wonder how HD collection is turning out.

rezzah2474d ago

I was checking this game in a pamphlet i got for free at gamestop and the genre it was categorized as was.............action.

Not even Action/horror, just action.

I think the HD collections are the best way to go.