Top 5 Video Game Intros complies its favorite video game intros.

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zeal0us2540d ago

Snake eater was mind blowing experience for me, the intro music kept playing over and over in my head.

crxss2539d ago

Snake Eater and Chrono Cross intros were awesome! i still watch those intros on youtube occasionally. as for Fallout 3 and FFVI, those were pretty good but Soul Edge...........? lol pretty good list though.

RaptorGTA2539d ago

same here..I still watch the chrono cross intro. Love it.

BinaryMind2539d ago

I'm surprised they didn't pick MGS2 actually. Also a really good intro.

Chrono Cross is an undeniably great pick. That's probably the only game where I always watched the intro when I started up the game.

LightofDarkness2539d ago

Chrono Cross' soundtrack makes me weap man-tears of nostalgia :p

wrixel2540d ago

yea definitely a good intro

Quagmire2539d ago

Tekken Dark Resurrection
Transformers: War for Cybertron
and how could you forget Bioshock?

caseh2539d ago

Because great intros on games span back longer than the past 3-4 years...

rambler2539d ago

Wild Arms intro is my pick for the best.

BitbyDeath2539d ago

FF8 is my pick for the best

MRMagoo1232538d ago

The music of pretty much every ff games makes them the best at intros

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The story is too old to be commented.