TV Shows That Would Make Good Video Games

GamerFitNation's Alfredo Lopez talks about good TV shows that would make great video games. "Plenty of TV shows have had the chance of having their own video games. There's some shows that just wouldn't fit into the world of video games, but then we have those that would. Here are some TV shows I think would make awesome video games-particularly as downloadable arcade games."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2418d ago

I've only seen death valley and the food network, never heard of any of the other stuff.

Food network maybe a Move/Kinect Game of some sorts? I don't know if much can be done

As for death valley, i'm not to into games that try comedy as they usually flop. I like my zombie games to be serious.

bfigaro2418d ago

TMZ would be an interesting game. I would so play food network.

fredolopez2418d ago

you can't go wrong w/ playing a zombie game :D


The regular Show is the SH#t

memots2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

How bout glee . Would be perfect for kinect /s

Who want more shovelware? Not me

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