Handheld Heroes Reviews - Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Molotov Cupcake of Handheld Heroes writes:

"Neither of the Worms titles included in this package are particularly exciting and demonstrate the pitfalls of transitioning the series to 3D rather than the high points you’d expect from a collection such as this one. Imprecise platforming, uninteresting campaign mode, and finicky camera angles work against you rather than with you, and the cartoonish glee I got from the earlier games in the series just wasn’t here. It’s workable, mind you, and there’s always enjoyment to be had from a bazooka smack dab in the face of an unsuspecting enemy worm. However, compared to prior Worms outings, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem just doesn’t cut the mustard. Strong multiplayer and customization for your own Worms team is appreciated, however, and if you’ve been following the worms from their inception, you might still want to pick this one up. I can’t imagine newcomers wanting their indoctrination starting here, though."

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