Crysis 2 MaldoHD 3 Texture Pack Out Now

The original Crysis game was renowned for its graphic card killing capabilities and Crysis 2 while a little lighter on your card, was still equally beautiful. Well now you have the chance to upgrade those textures to make it look even more amazing.

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pucpop2533d ago

This is stunning. Better than Cryteks. Time to reinstall C2

meetajhu2533d ago

This is very good pack. I really like it. Game runs at 60fps+ in DX11 with everything maxed out and also looks better than Crytek HD texture with DX11.

ProjectVulcan2533d ago

Very nice. Proper Crysis level 1024 x 1024 textures i expected from dot in Crysis 2 which Crytek did not deliver...

Also a nice touch to allow you to select your level so i just carried on where i was but with the mod